Ajit grew up in family rooted in art and design. His father spent his early years exploring fine art and followed it up with a passionate foray into designing and making educational toys for children. His mother studied the arts too, and as Ajit puts it, dragged the children through art museums on all their travels! It is no wonder then, that Ajit walked out of high school wanting to be a Product Designer. A twist of fate, in the name of political unrest, held him back from attending the coveted College of Design in Ahmedabad. A family friend guided the family to the Rachana Sansad College of Architecture and Ajit has not looked back since.


One of the core principles that Ajit follows is that the responsibility of the designer does not stop at creating an appealing visual magnet; it also must extend to creating environments that are conducive for the purpose they have been created for and must 'fit' the people for whom they have been designed. While Ajit maintains that good design is an integration of and a fine balance between form and function, he recognizes that design today is more about 'mood' than it is about any of the other parameters that have impacted styles over the past few decades.


Across a wide range of sizes and purposes, residential and commercial, the projects rolling out of Ajit's office are a platform where creativity is explored and various aesthetic expressions find their unique place in designs that are both practical and perceptive.
Judiciously detailed 'feel-good' spaces is Ajit's mantra as his palette takes on projects that span the length and breadth of the country and have also taken wing to include Colombo, London, New York, Chicago and Atlanta.


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